Peace Action Wellington statement on the decision to deploy troops into Iraq

We say “No NZ support”

We say “No NZ support”
‘We condemn the decision by the New Zealand government to send troops to another US-led war in the Middle East. Despite the government’s attempts to minimise New Zealand’s involvement, there is widespread and justified public unease. The announcement today has been carefully staged-managed in order to quell public opposition,’ said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse. Read the rest of this entry »

Sky City deal opportunity for right wing to pave way for Collins

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

24 February, 2015

Dear Editor:

It should be no surprize that right wing commentators are going after Steven Joyce and the Prime Minister over the Sky City deal.  Read the rest of this entry »

Exploitation or Interdependence – on the cusp

23  February, 2015

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

Addressing the ISIS threat with military means when the only lasting solutions are political is a dangerous game to play.  How are people in New Zealand prepared to react?

In 2003 the Bush/Cheney government in the USA launched an attack on Iraq primarily to promote war as the primary means of conducting foreign policy.  Doing that in the Middle East was predictably incendiary.  For one thing disbanding the Iraqi army had the effect of releasing trained fighters to join rebel groups which have consequently morphed into ISIS.

As the situation heats up there are two very contrasting possible public reactions presenting themselves which usually are only on the fringes.   One is to observe how disastrous the invasion of Iraq was, and how predictable that outcome, and see that the time has come to make a fundamental change away from exploitation and violence.

The second is to react with panic to heightened fear favouring escalation of the same violent response that failed so miserably before.

The reason these two are coming to the fore is that the human species, including our own culture of course, is increasingly alert to threats in the form of nuclear weapons and climate change which fundamentally indict both our current exploitative consumer culture and the real politic of war.  The popularity of the current fog induced by the Prime Minister and the National government may not last.


Richard Keller

published 27/01/2015

Real Fake White Dirt – at Bats for the Fringe



A critically-acclaimed, beautifully poetic and savagely satirical exploration of white New Zealand’s dislocated past and last-post-colonial present. Performed by award-winning spoken-word performer Jess Holly Bates, Real Fake White Dirt is a funny, fresh and incisive avalanche of Pakeha anxiety and aspiration. ‘Fantastic’ – Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe * Read the rest of this entry »

Submission on Wellington Regional Draft transport Plan

Submission to the Regional Transport Committee on the Draft Regional Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015

 18 February,  2015

Richard Keller

General Observations on the Draft Plan

 The Draft Plan often references sustainability and offers elements which look in that direction.

(Vision – ‘To deliver a safe, effective and efficient land transport network that supports the region’s economic prosperity in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable’ ).

But ‘follow the money’.  Read the rest of this entry »

Time to move the logs off the roads and onto the rails

20 February, 2015

The Editor,  The Waikato Times

Dear Editor;

It’s time to get the logs off the highway and onto the rails.  By rail is safer and more environmentally friendly.  The government says they don’t know what to do with the railroad system, but this case is easy to find.


Richard Keller


Gareth Morgan is exhibiting narcissism

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

08 February, 2015

Dear Editor:

Gareth Morgan has been involved with several environmental projects in recent years and that is good and he should be proud of that.  But his call for the Greens to become an “environmental party” devoid of left wing economics is narcissistic.  Read the rest of this entry »


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