Annual Plan – WCC and GWRC / 2008 submission

Annual Plan – WCC  and GWRC / 2008

transport and equity issues are at the top

Improved public transport is the way forward for Wellington.   There is plenty of opportunity.  The current imbalance favoring the private car is staggering when viewed from the perspective of peak oil and a supposed commitment to carbon neutrality.   The (very) old solution of building more roads (tunnels) is startlingly out of date.

More action on expanded and safe networks for cyclists and pedestrians is needed.

The GWRC plan to increase bus and train fares sends the wrong message and will make it harder especially on low income citizens who are feeling the effects of rapidly rising food costs.  Buses and trains need to be cheaper and any increased costs should be absorbed through central government help.   The GWRC needs to actively lobby the WCC and central government on transport priorities.   Organizing a public lobbying campaign on transport issues involving individuals and local NGOs would be an appropriate activity for the GWRC.

Richard Keller


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