“Anti-car” remark in editorial – 2011

31 January, 2011

Joseph Romanos, editor, The Wellingtonian


The Wellingtonian editorial of 20 January (The tricky issue of motorbikes) is ostensibly about CBD parking for motorcycles but the writer’s multiple use of the term “anti-car”, a term emotive in its inaccuracy, would indicate his interest is more about cars.

The city councillor’s viewpoints and voting records which the writer describes as “anti-car” are actually about opposing and finding alternatives to the debilitating obsession which our society has with the personal automobile.  Moving people about is important but the car is based on the primacy of indulgence and convenience above efficient transport.

Taking just one step back from the daily rush suddenly reveals how dominant the car is.  Describing a reasonable alternative to this obsession, by merely limiting dominance of the car, as “anti-car” looks more like an undisciplined stirring and throwing of insults than about engaging in debate.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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