Chris Trotter criticises Socialist Worker proposals – 2008


The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

Dear Editor,

Chris Trotter shows no imagination in excoriating the Socialist Worker proposals; he only reiterates  the old put-down language of the right wing.  With peak oil upon us, climate change finally making it onto the radar of politicians, and that on top of the daily threat of nuclear annilhilation, we are living in a far different world than the one when that language was created. 

There are alternatives out there, Mr Trotter.  The corporate global economy is not the only way, despite the constant “there is no alternative” refrain from the Labour and National governments and their corporate bosses who have pushed it the last 20 years in New Zealand, and the last thrty-five years world wide.  In fact, the exploitation mentality inherent in the corporate global consumerist economy is killing the planet and diminshing our humanity.  An economy and society structured for all people, not just the rich, and for all the planet, not just for humans, is necessary for survival and probably possible even this late.

Do we in New Zealand have the courage and creativity to find, develop, and implement the changes required to build a sustainable future?  Maybe.  But it won’t be accomplished with a government led by National or Labour.   Looking at reasonable proposals like we get from the Greens and those five you list from Socialist Worker can get us started in the right direction.  Chris, why do you get  hysterical about that suggestion?  What are you afraid of?

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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