Draft Regional Transport Programme 2012-15 submission – 2012

23 April, 2012

Greater Wellington; Draft RLTP Submissions.  Submitted by  Richard Keller.

Draft Regional Transport Programme 2012-15


The description in your booklet of the high cost projects is “third priority”.  But these projects are the ones which will define our transport future.  The priority one and two projects would be definitive only in their breech; most of them are basically maintenance.

Almost all of these high cost “third priority” projects which will define our transport future are highway projects! 

As such this list becomes an act of desperation.  The transport future lies in expansion of public transport along with individual modes such as cycling and walking.  The dominance of the motorcar which has been the character of our transport system for more than half a century is not only reflected in but also expanded by the list of proposals in the DRLTP.  There clearly is a desperate attempt to hold on to a dead past and prevent us moving toward a sustainable future.  It is necessary to openly discuss why this is so but that is not the purpose of this submission.

Clearly the plan presented is following the money as offered by the National government.  This is irresponsible as the government’s spending priorities are notoriously backward looking.  Wellington must take leadership and boldly present its own priorities to the government .


–      Light rail can transport more people with less congestion through Wellington.

–      Major expansion of and improvements in integrated bus, rail, and pedestrian services are what is needed now so that alternatives to the motorcar are finally viewed as viable.

–      Integrated electronic ticketing will be helpful especially when accompanied by expanded public transport services.

–      Effective local community infrastructure and expansion of a local economy can reduce the need for long range transport.


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