Fundamental change – letter to The Progressive magazine (Wisconsin, USA) – 2012

17 June, 2012

The Editor, The Progessive magazine, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Dear Editor;

Letter writer Mary Hahn reminds us that elections in the end are decided by votes of people (if the elections have not been stolen, I might add), not by money.  Voters have the option of not being influenced by the barrage of negative ad campaigns on TV. 

That is not to say that the outcome of elections is not impacted by massive campaign money.  It is still true what is quoted from Progressive writers, “. . . a game of the obscenely rich”,   “. . . distorting effect . . . is huge”.  But that illustrates the limits of elections and representational democracy; you shouldn’t expect rationality to prevail.   TV is the “real world”, perceived to be more important than their own personal and community relationships, for most people any more.

To better understand what is happening, Ms Hahn and everyone else needs to factor in the larger picture, now going through a fundamental change.  We are at the end of an era which has lasted how long?  200 years? 3000? 10000?   One way or another we are leaving the era of exploitation which is reaching a climax of destruction and injustice in the 20th and 21st centuries.  People are beginning to understand that within the current climactic state of our economic system and accompanying money system their purpose in life has become to work very hard so that someone (or some-thing) can become fabulously money-rich.

To confront the issues of global environmental destruction (climate change, etc), growing inequality and the injustice of war-dominated international relations, would mean to replace the current economic and money system, which also gets credit for bringing much that many people in affluent countries enjoy.  People are likely to want to hold on to what is left of that as long as they can.  We find ourselves in a period of striking readjustment.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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