John Minto Statue – 2010

26 May, 2010

The Editor, The Wellingtonian, Wellington

Dear Editor:

It is correct and easy for Joseph Romanos to claim that apologies for past support of racist policies in the apartheid era (1981 Springbok tour for example) are fashionable these days, and raise the question, are they sincere?  But it is downright provocative to suggest that a statue of HART leader John Minto be built at Eden Park.

Provocative not because John doesn’t deserve it; the suggestion is a hoot.  Provocative because the goals of HART as I understand them to have not been reached.  The native black people and other poor of South Africa are today no better off than under apartheid. The racist regime has been replaced by the economic dogma of the corporate global economy enabling the continued oppression of millions in South Africa and across the planet (and which I might add has been the driving force behind 25 years of reactionary policies in New Zealand).  Because of this John has refused to accept an award for which he was nominated in recognition of his part in bringing about the fall of apartheid in South Africa.

The real action which would show that oppression is being challenged would be to turn down the path toward creating a new sustainable economy based on local needs which would free up communities in South Africa, and here as well.  Let’s hear from John Minto what he thinks about rugby apologies and statues.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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