McVicar – fear and hypocrisy – 2010

1 December, 2010

The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

Dear Sir;

Garth McVicar’s (“Sensible Sentencing Trust”) hypocrisy is bold.  While he consistently advocates for longer prison sentences, in the case of Bruce Emory, convicted of manslaughter, and the charge arguably should have been murder, McVicar says the man should not have spent any time in jail.

Why?  Because in this case, it was a vigilante action, Emory carrying a knife in pursuit of a young tagger.  Mr McVicar appears to live in a world of cringe and fear and responds with insolence.  He wants to drag the whole of New Zealand down into that dark space.

Fair minded New Zealanders should not be complacent about the advancement of that agenda.  Ever since “9-11-2001” there have been massive efforts globally to raise levels of fear, led by the USA’s so-called “War on Terror”.   The Iraq invasion was intended to raise fear levels.  In New Zealand, the Police raids of 15 October, 2007 tried to tar political activists and Tuhoe in Ruatoki with the “terrorist” label.  The Search and Surveillance bill now before Parliament tries to takes advantage of higher levels of fear to achieve acceptance of the removal from law in many cases of the right to remain silent, advancing a guilty until proven innocent mentality.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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