“Misquote” of John Key – USA wars – 2012

05 October, 2012

The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

Dear Sir;

A month ago the USA State Department issued a transcript of a comment made by NZ PM John Key at the Pacific Islands Forum which quoted the PM  in part, “ . . . and we welcome the opportunity to cooperate with the US in the next conflicts.”   This apparently was a misquote as Mr. Key had spoken of cooperation in negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement investment treaty, not war.  But make no mistake, support for US wars is the expectation that the USA has for New Zealand.

And this National government seems more than willing to engage in military cooperation.  In April we had the decision to conduct training exercises here with USA military forces for the first time in decades.  More recently, the USA has invited NZ ships to some US ports, again for the first time in decades.  Setting the stage for this, for years as part of the so-called “war on terror” in Afghanistan, many NZ military personnel have been working in USA led military operations.

Ever since 9/11/01 USA foreign policy has been focused on war; cooperation in this will lead NZ to further wars.   Since the most basic element of the USA military is nuclear weapons, this clearly compromises our nuclear free stance, and worse, in a world full of nuclear weapons, is suicidal.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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