Mitt Romney’s “middle” – 2012

15 October, 2012

The Editor, The Listener

Dear Sir;

Mark Smith in his This Life column “Who are we kidding” notes that US Presidential candidate Romney remarkably describes “middle-income” earners as those earning $200,000 – $250,000.  98% of Americans earn less than that.  Middle?

But in the current political climate, it makes sense.  The implication from the massive bailout of the criminal finance sector in the crisis of 2008 is that the super rich (the upper 1% or less) are considered to be the deserving class today.  This has been captured so cleverly by the Occupy Wall Street movement with their “We are the 99%”.  But Romney is correctly noting that the $200,000 earners are not the super rich.  The populous perhaps should be seen as divided into the super rich (1% or less), Romney’s “middle” (next 1% or more), and we the remaining 98%.

Wilson asks “Why do people, . . . ., not realize they’re being shafted and rise up?”  He anwers that according to experts an important factor is that change is potentially scary.  And how!

The culture of exploitation of the natural world, taken to such degree today that humans are threatening the planet, and the matching exploitation of people through slavery, imperialism, wage slavery, a debasing consumerism, etc, is well established through hundreds or thousands of years.

People are beginning to realize that a non-exploitative culture is needed for a sustainable future, but that their purpose in life in today’s elitist run capitalist version of a culture of exploitation is to work very hard so that somebody or some corporation can become fabulously rich.  Will we humans prefer to move forward, or prefer to continue to exploit and be increasingly exploited as long as possible?   Even for the 98% the answer is uncertain.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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