National Govt Auckland “transport infrastructure program” – 2009


The Editor, The Dominion Post

Dear Editor,

By announcing a transport infrastructure program for Auckland heavily weighted towards roads and the personal automobile over public transport, the National Government is engaging in a vote buying exercise.  The Greens have reasonably and dutifully pointed out the difficulties the implementation of this plan, along with the scrapping of  the fuel emmisions program, will make for New Zealand in meeting carbon reduction agreements and redeveloping a sustainable society.

But that’s fine with National.  They are speaking to an electorate addicted to oil and the personal automobile.  The political effect is to reassure that little change in transport habits (or urban design, etc) will be necessary to address climate change.  This approach will appeal to the addict, even though rationally we know very serious changes are required.

Sooner or later the electorate will reject National current approach, but when?  Most advocates of serious change say there is still time to act, but ideally we should have been well into it by now.  How long can National’s charade succeed?

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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