National Party 52% – 2008

27 September, 2008

The Editor, The Listener, PO Box 90 783, Auckland

Dear Editor:

National Party on 52%?  What is the explanation?  The NZ electorate knows they don’t like National’s policies, especially on selling off the public assets and reducing access to basic services in the public sector.  And they know National can’t be trusted, giving the experience of last election where the campaign misled about actual Party priorities.

What the NZ electorate is saying is that important issues like trust and privatization, not to mention the biggies of climate change and peak oil, are too hard.  They just want to throw the old guys out and bring the new guys in.  Having to deal with the many varied voices in NZ as promoted into Parliament under MMP is just too complicated.  If National can get enough votes to form a government without a coalition, then the electorate won’t have to deal with those complexities which actually represent the real NZ.  But they will be more free to simply complain about the government.

This of course is not the way to meet the challenges of today and build a sustainable society in a democracy.  I’m sure the vast majority of New Zealanders would say so as well, though perhaps not until after the election.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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