Ngauranga to Airport Strategic Transport Study – submission


Ngauranga to Airport Strategic Transport Study

submission on transport options

Improved public transport is the way forward for Wellington.   There is plenty of opportunity.  The current imbalance favoring the private car is staggering when viewed from the perspective of peak oil and a commitment to carbon neutrality.

The (very) old solution of building more roads is startlingly out of date.  One of the best known facts of public policy from experience around the world is that building more roads leads to more traffic and more congestion.  I wonder what sort of desperation has lead the Strategic Transport Study group to put a traffic tunnels option forward.  In terms of planning it sends a confused message along side carbon neutrality and will not encourage citizens to think constructively about a future of change.  Another problem is the name of the study – the needs are wider than just the “corridor” and the name prejudices the discussion.

What would send the right message are options which encourage active modes of local trips – walking, cycling.   Also light rail linking the northern suburbs via the rail station past the hospital to the eastern suburbs.  A more reliable and frequent public bus service with integrated ticketing.  If people see these alternatives open up to them they would be able to contribute creatively to the process of constructing a sustainable future by avoiding the head in the sand panic of the traffic tunnel mentality.

Richard Keller


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