Osama bin Laden murder – 2011

03 May, 2011

Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

Dear Dompost editor,

News reports indicate Osama bin Laden has been killed, though apparently there is no body to verify identity and establish precise cause of death.

Be that as it may, it would have been better to have captured bin Laden and brought him to trial.  A public trial is the best way to establish facts and bring about justice.

For example, there is very little hard evidence supporting any explanations of the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers, even the main stream one of an al-Qaida mastermind; hardly anyone has been talking.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the so-called “war on terror”, very little beyond propaganda reaches the public ears.   A trial of bin Laden would have been an opportunity to overcome that and perhaps loosen some other tounges.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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