Rogernomics and Nuclear-free – 2012

28 June, 2012

Joseph Romanos, editor, The Wellingtonian


Correspondent Brian Nelson (21 June) should retain his original, but soon lost he says, enthusiasm for NZ nuclear–free.  He says he lost it when he realized what Labour’s accompanying rogernomics was doing to us.  But rogernomics and nuclear-free were always fundamentally and totally contradictory to each other.

Nuclear-free is about life, embracing nuclear disarmament and rejecting the eventual destruction of civilization as we know it which is in the capability of the vast arsenals of nukes in the world still.  Rogernomics is about death, clutching the desperate old notion that exploitation of the earth and its people is the way to a superficial wealth.  These two cannot last together for long.

The contradiction may eventually destroy the Labour Party.  It needn’t destroy New Zealand if Mr Nelson and all the rest of us can separate nuclear-free and rogernomics.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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