Search and Surveillance Bill, Finlayson – 2012

14 March, 2012

Christopher Finlayson, List MP National, Wellington

Hello Mr.  Finlayson:

Voting ‘No’ on the Search and Surveillance Bill will help preserve what we have achieved and what we have left of centuries long commitment to privacy, civil and human rights in western style democracies.  The increased police and police style powers for other agencies in this bill must be stopped and include:

-video surveillance on/in private property

-police power to search without warrants

-extension of the use of tracking devices

-extension of police powers to 70 other government agencies

-erosion of the right to silence

It is important to understand the pernicious influence of the culture of fear arising from 9/11 2001 in the USA and cultivated by the aspects of our culture which tend toward fascist control.  These means of control are already in place and growing in other English speaking countries which makes it easier to slip them in here.  That is not the kind of country I want to live in.

You must vote ‘No’.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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