STV “Undemocratic”? – 2010

13 October, 2010


Hello editor,

Ms Prendergast is pouting when claiming that the STV voting system is undemocratic.  The reason STV has been adopted is precisely because it is more democratic and she knows it.   She’s reminiscing about the FPP system in which only first preference votes counted and the mayor was always elected by a minority of voters.

What has happened this time is that the candidates who would have competed for first preference votes with Ms Prendergast on her end of the political spectrum withdrew early in the campaign so as to give her a better chance of winning early in the counting.  The remaining candidates (only five this time) were always going to compete with each other for first preference votes.  Once they sorted themselves out, it became a two person race, and Ms Wade-Brown won a close one.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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