Tunnels from Prendergast – 2010

29 August, 2010

The Editor, The Wellingtonian, Wellington

Dear Editor:

What form of transport is less efficient of petrol, and emits more CO2, than cars and trucks?  The airplane.  And yet in a time of peak oil and climate disruption Wellington City has as its defining medium term plan the “airport master plan” which expects to double or triple air traffic over the next decade or two.  Pure fantasy to the point of desperation.

And yet Mayor Prendergast early in her campaign for re-election has boldly announced (The Wellingtonian, 26 Aug) that a tender has been called for a second Mt Victoria tunnel to handle an increase in traffic to the airport, perhaps to be finished by 2025.  It appears to be a deliberate campaign ploy.

Is an expensive project to finish in perhaps 15 years, and based on a desperate fantasy, a winning campaign approach?  With the average Kiwi voter currently adopting a head-in-sand attitude to the need for significant change to address climate disruption and peak oil, it just might work.  History has often illustrated that one big lie is easier to pull off than a number of small ones.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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