Unilateral nuclear disarmament – Twyford – 2012

20 March, 2012

Phil Twyford, (ex)Disarmament spokesperson, New Zealand Labour Party, Wellington

Dear Phil,

David Lange famously said, “You cannot defend yourself with nuclear weapons.”  So why, after many decades, are large nuclear arsenals still held and a threat for proliferation into other nations and/or a new generation of technologies persists? 

You will remember the nineties when the World Court Project led a national and worldwide debate on the legality of nuclear weapons to The Hague.  That debate (a long and hard debate which I won’t try to reproduce in this letter) destroyed once and for all the pretense that nuclear deterrence was anything but a manifestation of insanity.

It is now, and has been for a long time, necessary for nuclear disarmament to occur.  Action to bring about disarmament must be strongly promoted.  Given the insanity of nuclear deterrence and nuclear weapon arsenals we cannot expect that a ‘rational political plan’ will be able to bring about nuclear disarmament.  The only way is to appear sane and act sanely with unilateral disarmament by nuclear nations, individually, and that will bring them all together.

Though unilateral disarmament is often denigrated, to bring about nuclear disarmament we must be unafraid to promote unilateral disarmament.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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    • rwktrip11 says:

      Hi mestreseo,
      Thanks for reading my post. I’m new to the blog-o-sphere and am just beginning to think about increasing my hits. How did you find my blog?
      Richard Keller

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