Use of Urgency by Nat govt – 2010


Christopher Finlayson, List MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Hello Mr Finlayson,

I am once again alarmed at this government’s use of urgency in handling important legislation in Parliament, in this case the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill.  This government has  often used the provisions of urgency in cases of legislation where discussion in the public arena is most important.   Education and Employment Law are two earlier examples. 

This frequent use of urgency is clearly not what the urgency provision was intended for and is contrary to the interests of building democracy in New Zealand where participation in public discussion is paramount.  Instead it favours the interests of private profit.  The government is being led by those ideologues, the ACT party.

This Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill is in this same vain of resticting public participation.  If passed it will be possible to privatise water ownership and provision thus taking out of public hands one of the most fundamental elements of a society.  The bill will also reduce the requirements for public consultation in passing core activities to Council Controlled Organisations.    And it prescribes too narrowly the range of services which a Local Government body may be involved in.

What this illustrates so clearly is the desperation of this current ACT government to move toward a corporate dominated world where money and profit is the only measure, in fact the only goal, of society.  This is because those who share the ideology know the time is long past when this kind of world is sustainable; this is their last chance to obtain a glorious climax to an era.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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