WCC (Poole) on Occupy – 2011

20 November, 2011

Gary Poole, Chief Executive Wellington City Council

Dear Mr. Poole:

I have seen a copy of a letter dated 14 Nov ’11 you sent to the Occupy Wellington group at Civic Square, the primary subject of which appears to be to enquire of the departure date of the group.  There is one aspect of your letter I would like to briefly discuss.

You say that the Council understands Occupy Wellington is in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  However, contradictorily, you refer frequently to “exclusive occupation”, “illegal occupation”, “by a few people”, “will not tolerate . . .”.

The essence of Occupy Wall Street is “the 99%”.  The group invites all to join the discussions.  A new form of democracy is being formed world-wide.

Your language shows an insular attitude and a failure to appreciate the nature of Occupy Wall Street.  I could say you appear to be looking up to “the 1%” for guidance.  That attitude is unhelpful to the advancement of democracy and actions by council in that spirit should be resisted.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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