TPPA and the military

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

17 December, 2012

Dear Editor:

By identifying the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPPA) as a “political device, aiming to undercut China’s access to markets. . .” in the Pacific, correspondent Bob Rigg (9 Dec) exposes a Tim Groser “porky”.  But the TPPA also involves more than trade; it is a global governance treaty, modelled on others before it such as NAFTA (North America), which seeks to enshrine the rights of global corporations above many democratic priorities which governments may see important for its people and environment.

Both as a foreign policy device and an anti-democratic governance treaty the TPPA is provocative and inherently dangerous.  But with the expansion of USA military power in the Pacific region, along with this present National government’s success in returning the NZ military to more involvement with USA military globally, we have a mixture, perhaps unprecedented, which is volatile and unpredictable.  What trade-offs would the government make in order to benefit their elitist constituency desperate to expand its dominance in this country?  Will the government be able to understand the big power mix?  Their fundamental shallowness assures they would be unable to respond coherently to spiraling events.

Sincerely, Richard Keller

Note:  Published in Star-Times 23 Dec ’12, without the italicized sentences (the “kicker” thought).


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