“brand loyalty” or “blind loyalty”?

26 December, 2012

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

Gordon Campbell describes the continued high levels of support for the National government, along with other party support holding steady since the election, as being a case of “brand loyalty”.  But it should be called “blind loyalty”. 

Campbell lists the many well publicised failures of the government.  “Remarkably, the public did not crucify them . . .” he says.  There’s nothing remarkable about that.  John Key’s popularity has always been based on his “know-nothing” political persona.  And he has kept steady on that all the way through – climate change and the already weak Kyoto protocol; his “yeah right” quality of comment about the Trans Pacific Partnership global governance treaty negotiations recently continued in Auckland; knowing little about the GCSB and illegal spying on New Zealanders; (just to name a few).  This is just what Kiwis want at this point in history; building a future is too hard for us right now.

Of course political support is notoriously fickle.  A major event may jerk the public consciousness awake.  Or barring such an event the Prime Minister may stumble into something he is forced to take seriously, such as the ACT education policy imported from the USA right wing.  With something such as that he might crash and burn politically.


Richard Keller

published The Wellingtonian  10/1/2013


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