No over-the-top language with super-city?

31 December, 2012

The Editor, The Dominion Post

Dear Editor;

Correspondent Curtis Nixon (27 December) rightly criticizes the over the top language used by some WCC councillors critical of the council’s decision to reconsider alternatives to a flyover at the Basin Reserve.  But his suggestion of a “super-city” organization with fewer councillors would not be a step forward.

Yes, Cr Ray Ahipene-Mercer seems to have let his position go to his head, and yes, Cr Simon Marsh has never really given the impression he would say anything helpful.  But a super-city would not improve the quality of democratic discussions and decision making.  A super-city with fewer, less community based representatives would be more likely to consult with, and take decisions favouring, the largest, richest interests in the region, and perhaps more often behind closed doors.

Instead, let’s keep the ward system with more councillors, vote into office those who would support the progressive policies of Mayor Wade-Brown and others which Mr Nixon favours, and grin and bear our city’s attempts at freedom of expression.

Sincerely,  Richard Keller


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