Empty seats

December 17, 2012

Editor,  Ohio State Alumni Magazine, 2200 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43210

Dear Editor,

Correspondent (Nov/Dec ’12) Brad Betts laments the empty seats of alumni (or not?) who own the club seats on the west side of the stadium, 50 yard line, just below the corporate boxes at the base of what used to be only the press box.  They apparently soon leave for their tailgate parties (or is it to take advantage of the perks served undercover for these high$ donors?).  This must as Brad says take some energy away from the stadium.  Also it seems to me that the pandering to money evident in the “club seats” concept is not becoming of a great state university, though admittedly it is a sign of the times.

Perhaps it is ironic that some years back the OSU Marching Band adopted the practice during many of their half time shows of continually facing their instruments and blowing toward this very west side 50 yard line, even when marching maneuvers were horizontal. Where are the fans who would have the best opportunity to hear this popular band? When I was in the OSU band many years ago it was standard practice to divide the show between the west and east sides of the stadium in order to express appreciation to all ticket holders.

I have to say that this new practice has helped me catch the band’s shows better than ever, even though I live a long distance away. The quality of the picture and sound pickup, not to mention an ideal (somehow) camera location, on some You Tube videos has improved immensely in the last few years.  Lo and behold, I find the band is playing straight to the camera.  It sounds great.  Lucky me.


Richard Keller


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