Asset Sales – “overcome with unease”

3 March, 2013
The Editor, The Sunday Star Times

Dear Editor:
It has long been a policy of the political parties on the right, like ACT and National in New Zealand, to favour private ownership over public ownership. The current government is even willing to push that agenda with the state owned power companies, like Mighty River Power, even though the government knows it would hurt the economy and remove public control of a resource that will play a large part in on-going development of a new sustainable culture.

They have gotten away with it politically so far only because the electorate is overcome with unease about the fundamental nature of the changes needed to rebuild a sustainable society, such as the phase down of fossil fuel use along with the bursting of the car-cult bubble, and John Key provides a soothing know-nothing veneer on public life.

With the two most important policies of the ‘ACT masquerading as National’ Party, namely asset sales and charter schools, being unpopular, there is a possibility of significant changes in the character of our politics. Perhaps the electorate will dump all National-like parties and look to the future; or perhaps it will hang its head and its opposition to these policies fade away.

Sincerely, Richard Keller


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