Wellington City Council priorities – why the beatup?

9 March, 2013

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor:
What a shallow beat-up in your editorial of 28 February (Council grinds to a halt).  “It’s good to think ahead, . ., but . . . .” making light of the council’s interest in the Wellington 2040 blueprint which at least discusses some of the issues of climate change, etc which have been so inadequately addressed by the city of Wellington and across New Zealand.  It would appear the editorialist is fearful of the fundamental nature of change necessary to rebuild a sustainable city.

Transport is the most important issue facing Wellington these days and the editorial skirts around that with its demeaning reference to Mayor Wade-Brown’s “pet project”, light rail for the city.  It says nothing about the continuing obstruction coming from the NZ Transport Agency and others still enthralled within the car-cult bubble.

However, the reference to the “vital major project” of the extension of the motorway towards the airport, currently with the flyover, exposes the core attitude evident in the editorial.  What is instead vital is the shifting of transport priorities away from the car-cult and focus on the airport towards a sustainable transport system with priority on public transport and local personal modes such as cycling.  The thinking process behind the editorial is actually what has ground to a halt.

Sincerely, Richard Keller

published 14 March, 2013


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