“Wellington is dying” – PM

12 May, 2013

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

John Key’s use of the word “dying” to describe Wellington may have come naturally for him given that Wellington is the home to most public servants and that topped off with the reality that the city has an elected Green Lite mayor.  These things would have been gnawing at him for years now, festering in his fundamentally dark dungeon of a worldview.

Whether coincidental or otherwise, the larger story is that the “dying” comment and the Gilmore affair have provided a transparent diversion of attention away from the GCSB legislation introduced last week under urgency.  Urgency!  A nationwide debate is required to sort out the GCSB and the National Government wants no part in providing this opportunity for democracy to take place.   And they are not afraid to show it.

This desperate arrogance has become its defining character with the use of urgency for the most important issues, relying on a fearful electorate not yet willing to involve itself in the process of working through the fundamental changes necessary to move toward a new sustainable culture.   This reluctance has enabled the government thus far to drag the country down into its dark dungeon world.  How long will it last?  How far down will it go?


Richard Keller


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