Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) finding on Operation Eight

02 June, 2013

The Editor,  The Dominion Post

Dear Editor;

The Police Anti-Terror Squad set up surveillance in the Ureweras for two years to find a terrorist unit there and failed to do so.  “26 firearms”?  – “large quantities of live ammunition”? the Dom Post editorial (23 May) says.  How much is large?  How does it compare to the amount a corporate team building exercise in the bush might have?

So was the lockdown in Tuhoe territory an over reaction?  After all, the police could have just pulled in a few people for questioning.  We have to look at the police unit which organized the raids.  Its formation was inspired by the USA’s so-called “war on terrorism” which has as main goal the spread of fear and promotion of an us/them mentality.  There was never a chance this unit would take a reasoned approach; it was always going to be desperate and extreme.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) finding that the raids were justified is simply hysteria, as is the Dom Post’s excitable endorsement of the finding.  Tuhoe and the others should seek justice and deserve compensation but they and the rest of us must realize the selective condemnation expressed in the IPCA’s findings mostly serves to express justification of the raids.  This so called “anti-terror” unit must be disbanded to help the police, and the rest of us, come back down to earth.


Richard Keller


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