Peter Dunne’s influence

16 June, 2013

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

Whatever misdemeanour committed by Peter Dunne causing PM Key to lose confidence in him, Mr Dunne’s primary influence on New Zealand governance was in his effort to give the National Party the numbers to form a comfortable majority government after the 1993 election by defecting from the Labour Party and joining with Wellington National MP Pauline Gardner and other Nat/Lab MPs with a promise to vote with the Nats.

This move not only contradicted the divided vote of the electorate but deprived the New Zealand public the opportunity to experience a more hotly debated, thus more democratic, parliament.  Democracy works best through participation and discussion which includes the public; the closely divided parliament resulting from the 1993 election was a wonderful opportunity to put that into practice.

But the selfish action of Peter Dunne and the others deprived New Zealand of this opportunity in 1993.  Now twenty years later we have a National Government that brazenly cuts off  parliamentary discussion of many of the most important issues by the use of “urgency” well beyond its original intent and Peter Dunne is still in there supporting this suppression of democracy.


Richard Keller

published 28/June


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