Rex Nicholls – ‘old blood’

29 September, 2013

The Editor, The Dominion Post

Dear Editor;

Rex Nicholls has been calling for election of WCC candidates with “new blood”, such as his own.  It is hard to see any candidate reflecting the “old blood” more than Rex, and not primarily because he was a WCC councillor for a few terms before leaving in 1998.  

Rather, the “new blood” concept comes from the politics of Mr Nicholls which is from the right, like ACT and National.   They want to take the left leaning councillors off the council, aiming especially at Bryan Pepperell, the long serving councillor from the Southern Ward who arguably is the most left-leaning councillor.

But mostly they are aiming at the new green-leaning mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, who, horror of horrors, beat out their incumbent mayor, Kerry Prendergast, last time.  Can they make the “old blood” label stick to the new mayor who has always put forward the message of change?  In trying to do this they make their tired right wing philosophy look like the “old blood”.


Richard Keller


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