Hekia Parata’s stubbornness promotes National’s dictatorship

28 October, 2013

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

“Another disaster for Hekia Parata” is the headline for Gordon Campbell’s column of 17 October, after the High Court ruled the decision to close the Phillipston School in Christchirch was illegal.  Another ‘difficulty’ might be the more accurate description.  Parata will know it is her job in this National Government to establish an expectation of dictatorship in order to persist with National’s policy of privatisation of education. 

While National did not campaign on ‘charter school’ privatisation in the last election it will have been one of their priority policies, along with asset sales, as surrogate of the ACT party.  Overseas, especially in the USA, the right wing has been pushing privatisation of education and it would have become intuitive for National to adopt that even if they didn’t let the electorate know.

Internationally the process of privatisation of education (charter schools being one approach) has in recent decades been most successfully pushed during times of emergency when local populations were stressed, such as New Orleans after the hurricane. Similarly, and as was the case of the Canterbury Regional Council’s water access deliberations a few years ago, the National government will attempt to use dictatorial methods to get its way and Christchurch after the earthquake is seen as an opportunity.


Richard Keller

published 31 October, 2013 minus the final paragraph about disaster capitalism, “The Shock Doctrine” of Naomi Klein.


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