Arrogant smugness on asset sales


The Dominion Post

Dear Editor;

The language and arrogant smugness that PM John Key has been employing in regard to the referendum on asset sales is so repetitive that it has become more obvious how illogical his and his party’s position is and has been.

Mr Key claims that the electorate would see the government as untrustworthy if it changed its position on asset sales because it was on National’s agenda at the last election.  But the electorate has seen asset sales as only one of several issues which influenced the vote at the last election, and not one in National’s favour.  Rather, the verdict on asset sales has been well and truly established by many previous polls and the referendum, and clearly contradicts Key’s claim.

Mr Key is rather talking to his masters in the ACT party and big business who have insisted asset sales and other privatisation opportunities be the one true policy which the government must pursue.   He can reassure them he is onto it, even taking the chance of being caught out at being so openly illogical, knowing that the popularity of his government is based on other things, primarily its know-nothing climate change ‘non-policy’.   The electorate in New Zealand, as in most places, currently sees the imperatives for fundamental change implied by climate disruption, while compelling, as too scary.


Richard Keller


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