Save $ on street maintenance and excessive salaries

19 December, 2013

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

I would suggest two ways of controlling rates for Wellington City Council which would also show leadership in working toward a sustainable Wellington.  Some road surfacing street maintenance out where I live in Lyall Bay is done sooner than required.  This has been particularly true over the years on Queens Drive and recently on Cockburn St.  If the council claim is that there is savings in early prevention of deterioration I would be sceptical.  If the reason is that frequent road maintenance is the type of thing which keeps local residents happy, that would be cynical and does not display leadership.

The other suggestion is to reduce the salaries of many higher paid council employees.  This could save on rates and/or enable the WCC to pay all its employees something like a “living wage”.  There has even been a call for higher salaries for higher paid staff because the private sector has many high salaries and some spectacularly high.  But no one believes these highest salaries are indicative of their value to the organization in terms of getting the job done.  These highest salaries are for show, for image.  Coming down from this drug-like high where image protects us from experiencing earth bound reality would encourage us to begin development of a new sustainable way of life.  The council should show leadership in this matter not be taken in.


Richard Keller

published Thursday, 9 Jan ’14


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