TPPA shouldn’t be secret

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

10 December, 2013

Dear Editor:

We shouldn’t have to rely on leaks to see what is being negotiated in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).   It is our right to know what commitments the government is getting us into.  But, as in other unpopular global governance treaties (so-called “free trade” agreements, as the TPPA is often billed), it has been kept from us.  Also there is an attempt to keep the terms of the treaty secret for four years AFTER being agreed to, if they manage to sign it.  Such cheek!  They must think the terms of the treaty will be unpopular.

Another worry is the pressure the US will put on Pacific governments to accept military bases, adopt anti-Chinese negotiating positions, or reduce pressure for nuclear disarmament if the TPPA is not agreed to as the US demands.  These actions would destabilize the Pacific region but are all the more possible while the TPPA talks remain secret.


Richard Keller


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