Trade fair subsidy

16 February, 2014

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

Why would a business delegation of companies worth an aggregate of $100 Billion (yes, ‘B’illion) require a $200’K’ subsidy from the WCC?   If they have a proposal for a trade fair for investment or takeover in Wellington they can afford to pay for it themselves. 

What it sounds like is another opportunity to show deference to high profile money like the National Government ‘s ‘M’illion $ cow-tow to Hollywood recently with the Avatar deal.   We need to have more confidence in our own ability to develop a sustainable future.  The Council may be able to help stimulate this with seed money.  That would be more appropriate than spending it on a trade fair run by companies that clearly wouldn’t need financial help to do it.


Richard Keller

published 20/02/14


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