Wellington ‘transport spine’

18 Feb, 2014

Hello Wellington Regional Council,

I understand there is a meeting on 21 Feb concerning the study of a public transport spine through Wellington.  I’d like you to consider these points.

The Spine corridor strategy must fit within a broader people movement strategy which has at its core CBD vehicle routes serving and subordinate to pedestrians.  As such vehicle transport through the CBD must be restricted to public transport buses or light rail (no private vehicles).  Light rail would be the best option for pedestrians as it more predictable and has a higher capacity. 

Importantly, the proposal of a Mt. Victoria tunnel misses the point.  This corridor plan should be about moving people through the CBD while in contrast the Mt. Victoria tunnel plan is about moving cars through to the airport (just to be parked there in most cases!?).

In this light the current stage should be to adopt a public transport spine through Lambton Quay to the Hospital and Newtown.  The choice of buses or light rail can be decided later.   The flyover at the basin Reserve also misses the point; when the CBD priorities are correctly set around the pedestrian, and the public transport spine is in operation as described then the perceived need for the flyover will struggle to justify itself.


Richard Keller


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