Inequality should be most important criteria for Dr Sharples

15 April, 2014

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

In Gordon Campbell’s article on ‘playing the racism card’ (10 April) he properly identifies that means of accountability must accompany accusations of racist stereotyping.  Dr. Sharples must “indicate to what extent Te Matawai will be publicly accountable, and by what means.”

‘And by what means.’  An important ingredient in the means must be the criteria to be used for evaluation.  In our time of high levels of poverty and increasing difference between rich and poor in NZ and around the world, any culture or group which has experienced repression must also primarily evaluate its own organizations and processes on the criteria of how they lessen or increase inequality within their own culture.  For Maori, will individuals and hapu be empowered or will elites gain more privileges?  Is Dr. Sharples willing to make inequality his priority for accountability?


Richard Keller

published 24 April


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