Hone Hawarewa and Kim Dotcom

05 April, 2014

The Editor, The Dominion Post


Dear Editor:

Tom Scott’s cartoon of 27 March shows two old codgers with big noses (and a moose head with an even bigger nose) discussing the Internet Party and the Mana Party. They look like my image of the National Party. But the old codgers do capture the political situation of the Mana Party. If the Mana Party (Hone Harawira) does a deal with the Internet Party (Kim Dotcom) then Mana is history; it’s all too bizarre.

That would be a shame for two reasons. Firstly, the Mana Party is capable of making a significant contribution to development of a sustainable future for New Zealand, enabling us to take worldwide leadership in the same way we have with our Nuclear Free policy. Secondly, it would make it all the more likely the electorate would decide to give National a 51% vote in September and the ability to form a government on its own, feeling just too uncomfortable with the new ACT, the confusing Conservatives, and the challenging Mana. And on top of that Dotcom.


Richard Keller


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