Electorate hides behind National’s do-nothing climate change policy

The Editor, The Sunday Star-Times, Auckland

30 April, 2014

Dear Editor:

In defence of correspondent Dr. Russell Tregonning he is right in pointing out that scientific opinion based on mountains of evidence is nearly unanimous that climate change is happening and influenced by human intervention mostly in the form of carbon emissions.  I’m sure (27 April) correspondents Mel Davis and Mike Vinson know this despite their protestations to the contrary.

But it is useful to occasionally print letters like theirs in order to help us understand the current political situation in New Zealand.  Their open desperation is not really all that different from the mood of the middle electorate.  Time and again columnists and analysts have wondered how the National government’s popularity has been able to survive (thrive?) so many of their own stumbles, incompetency and insults.   They have been looking in the wrong place.

National’s steady support comes primarily from their steady know nothing, do nothing policy on climate change.  The electorate has in effect demanded the government create the fog which surrounds us and keeps us wandering around like zombies re climate change.   This shouldn’t be surprizing, really.   The scope of change required is fundamental and immediate.  Do we want to give up the exploitation ideology which some falsely describe as part of “human nature”?  The consensus on that is yet to emerge, though global corporations are surging ahead applying that ideology.  To move on would be challenging but ultimately empowering on this small planet.


Richard Keller

published 4 May with the nearly-sarcastic description of the electorate as zombies edited out.


One Comment on “Electorate hides behind National’s do-nothing climate change policy”

  1. Michael Gruber says:

    I agree with Richard Keller and his assessment of do-nothing policies in new Zealand. In America we have many “know nothing, do nothing” members of Congress who see no reason to be worried about climate change. They ignore the scientific consensus about these changes being manmade. The science deniers have gotten far too much notice by the media. Just as flat earth proponents became marginalized kooks, so too should those ignoring most of the worlds brightest scientists and their warnings about current and future climatic effects of carbon emissions. The alarm has been sounded. Scientific/political solutions to the crisis must be fast tracked and shared with emerging economies globally. Doing nothing is not an option. Acting now is a must.

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