The ‘virtual world’ on Donald Sterling and the Roast Busters

The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

08 May, 2014

Dear Editor:

Many commentators and sports people in the USA and also here in NZ have noted that Donald Sterling’s (owner of LA Clippers basketball team) open racism is well known, so why the big fuss now?  He and his wife have a long history of discrimination in their rental properties, including legal problems, which has had far worse impact on the community.

We had a similar situation in NZ a year ago with the Roast Busters.  Some who have toiled in the shadows for decades against rape wondered out loud why that episode got such a strong public anti-rape response.

There is a similarity in the situation of each which should be noted.  Both were revealed as videos on-line.  People have come to see the virtual world in the media and on-line as more real than their own personal and community contacts.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn and get involved out of the spotlight; to get involved there would empower in a more self-respecting way than waiting for instruction through the virtual world.


Richard Keller


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