Group submissions to boards of inquiry

11 June, 2014

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

The Wellingtonian headline on Ron Beernink’s article on the Basin Bridge submission process (“Speak up, or shut up . . .”) is a bullying phrase unhelpful in promoting democratic participation, and actually not of the same meaning as Mr. Beernink’s phrase, “Speak up or put up”, and so even contradicts the spirit of the article.

Mr. Beernink suggests that more needs to be done, including funding, to encourage group submissions to an independent board of inquiry such as the Basin Bridge inquiry just concluded.  Personally, I like the idea of contributing to a group proposal; there is much to learn from the process, both as to the issues involved and about the people in the group.  And it doesn’t prevent me as an individual from making a submission.

Furthermore, with increased availability of new means of communication, democratic participation in decision making can be enlarged, and must so as to allow citizens to connect to the community and the nation.


Richard Keller


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