Trolleys, Fran, and Celia

18 June, 2014

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

The Regional Council (Fran Wilde) and the Mayor (Celia Wade-Brown) seem to agree that Wellington’s public transport future should be an all-electric bus fleet.   But Ms Wilde complains that the Mayor doesn’t understand the Regional Council’s reasoning for their proposed pathway to it.

The Regional Council’s pathway to an all-electric bus fleet is to replace the all-electric trolley buses with diesel buses, a new breed of high-tech diesels, producing somewhat less emissions than the old ones but which apparently have to this point a mixed record in reliability.  As it reads, I “understand” this proposal to be openly illogical, begging the question as to why their il-logic is so open.

Let’s start with the trolleys.  Why are trolleys seen as outdated by the Regional Council?  The number of cities worldwide using trolleys is growing.  Perhaps it is because the trolleys have a history that goes back to the days before the automobile was dominant, and Rogernomics had not yet been implemented by the Labour Party.  In the accusative tone (“doesn’t understand”) used when addressing the Mayor, Fran Wilde seems to be exhibiting that she is still blinded by the brilliance of the Fourth Labour Government’s “modernization” of New Zealand, which instead was (and still is) a desperate attempt to hold on to an outdated world view characterized by exploitation, exploitation of the environment and of people, one which had been somewhat subdued in New Zealand from the thirties until then.


Richard Keller


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