Flyover gone for now!

The Editor, Cook Strait News,, Wellington

7 Aug, 2014

Dear Editor:

Thankfully the flyover has been rejected. 

The main thrust for the flyover, and many other road projects in Wellington, has been the grandiose Airport Master Plan.  The flyover has been aimed at getting support from the suburbs in the Hutt Valley and Porirua/Kapiti to further that plan.  Now hopefully Wellington can move on to try for a real transition to a sustainable transport system.

The decision has been a victory for Wellington City, contrary to opinions expressed by some letter writers (4 Aug).  They rightly note the congestion during rush hour but fail to acknowledge the minimal amount of time the flyover plan would save, or that outside of rush hour it’s not bad at all.  There will always be congestion as long as we insist in moving around in individual motor cars.  Tony Sutcliffe’s memory of basin traffic planning goes back 40 years he says, but that was just the time it became evident that we needed to move away from the dominance of the motor car; has he been trying to hide from that for the last 40 years?


Richard Keller

published 11 Aug.


One Comment on “Flyover gone for now!”

  1. Linda Milligan says:

    What a really neat video of an exciting family adventure. Linda

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