The Prime Minister and the Attack Blogger

The PM apologises to this man.

The PM apologises to this man.

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

25 November, 2014

Dear Editor:

The spectacle of the Prime Minister apologizing to Cameron Slater, the right wing attack blogger known as WhaleOil, for releasing an e-mail, is revealing.  Firstly, it demonstrates the prime influence of the hard right faction led by Judith Collins in the development of National Party policy.  That faction will be pushing for the reinstatement of Collins into Cabinet, and the apology may make them even more confident they can advance their ACT-like party agenda.

Secondly, the look of the apology exhibits the Prime Minister as a faceless, nameless individual who has nothing to offer New Zealand if the country would seek a new sustainable culture, which involves current issues of climate change and environmental threats, nuclear weapons and the general advance of war as first choice in foreign policy, and the growth of the gap between the rich and the poor along with the need to have all employees respected.


Richard Keller

Published 29/11/14



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