Has the PM ‘lost the plot’? Or does the PM understand the ‘plot’ all too well?

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

28 November, 2014

Dear Editor:

The Prime Minister appears to have ‘lost the plot’ according to comment on Morning Report Friday (26th) by Andrew Little, new leader of the Labour Party, over the Gwyn SIS report and communication with attack blogger Cameron Slater.  But in reality the discomfort the PM is showing is because he does understand the ‘plot’. 

The ‘plot’ relates to the fact that John Key is not now and never has been the real leader of the National Party.  He has been only a front man while the hard right faction, led by Judith Collins in Parliament, has dominated the party with their ACT-like policies for some time now.  With the pressure coming on Collins before the election after revelations in the book Dirty Politics, the matter is coming to a head post election.  The Collins faction will have been furious and desperate and will be pressuring Key to take the hit leaving them with the necessity to come out in the open.

Mathew Hooten on Morning Report Friday said Key should take responsibility for the problems exposed by the Gwyn report and that Collins has been exonerated.  This probably summarises the line that will be taken and that Key is on the way out.


Richard Keller


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