Connect Wellington is getting aggressive

04 December, 2014

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

Dear Editor;

A full page ad is a significant undertaking.   In the Wellingtonian of 27 November, Connect Wellington, a joint venture of Wellington Airport and WCC, has placed a full page ad promoting an extended runway for Wellington Airport citing the need to be able to fly long-haul, such as to Beijing or Dallas, from Wellington. 

But this aggressive sell covers up the reality that in a low carbon sustainable economy there will have to be much less air travel not more.  That the Connect Wellington web site mentions addressing of environmental concerns illustrates they know of this question.  But their underplaying of the scope of changes needed for carbon sanity displays a desperation as startling as it is common.

There may be no current project more indicative of Wellington’s attitude to sustainability than this airport project.


Richard Keller

published   11/12/2014


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