Peace Action Wellington statement on the decision to deploy troops into Iraq

We say “No NZ support”

We say “No NZ support”
‘We condemn the decision by the New Zealand government to send troops to another US-led war in the Middle East. Despite the government’s attempts to minimise New Zealand’s involvement, there is widespread and justified public unease. The announcement today has been carefully staged-managed in order to quell public opposition,’ said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse.

‘For months the National government has primed the public with repeated incantations of ISIS “terrorism”. Yet we see no condemnation by them for the terrorism of the US-drone programme that has murdered thousands of innocent people over the past decade, in countries where there isn’t even the pretext of an actual war. Their hypocrisy is mind-blowing. These government narratives also leave out a few important facts—like the US funding of dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the latter of which is clearly funding ISIS, and continued US support for illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories.’

‘Despite the rhetoric of remaining ‘behind the wire,’ New Zealand troops deployed to Iraq will be armed with authority to kill. No good for ordinary people—either here or there—can come out of the government’s deployment.’

‘Peace Action Wellington is calling on people to join in a show of opposition to NZ military support for another war in Iraq at a demonstration on Thursday at 5pm at the Cenotaph.’



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