Submission to the Local Government Commission on the draft proposal for Wellington region local government reorganisation

Wellington reorganisation proposal – Submission form

The Local Government Commission welcomes your feedback on any part of the draft proposal. The format below may be used as a guide, but is not required. Your submission will be made publicly available (posted on our website, or compiled in a summary of submissions).

The closing date for submissions is 4.00pm on 2 March 2015.

Please send your submission to:



Your name Richard Keller
Group this submission is from (if any) n/a
Your contact details (phone number, email, postal address) 
Which council(s) is most relevant to your home or business? Wellington
Do you wish to appear before  the Commission at public hearings? Yes/No


In general, do you support the draft proposal?
I do NOT support the proposal for amalgamation of local councils in the Wellington region.
In general, do you support the draft proposal but with some changes?
What do you support and why?
See next sections, please.
In general, do you oppose the draft proposal?
I OPPOSE the amalgamation to a ‘Super City’ proposal.
In general, do you oppose the draft proposal but want an alternative model for change?
See next section, please.
What do you oppose and why?
The problem has been lack of cooperation between the councils on big issues affecting the region, the nation, and the world, such as climate change.  That will not be solved with amalgamation.  Amalgamation would concentrate power to the advantage of narrow interests which can more easily dominate media and money which in our current society tends to work against efforts on climate change and enables the widening of the gap between rich and poor.Wellington’s situation is somewhat different to Auckland’s, perhaps, as the suburban attitude to Wellington is defined narrowly by access to the airport and is consistent through the region so that Wellington will likely be dominated by the region.  The proposals relating to trolley buses, the Basin Reserve, and the Airport runway extension emanating from the Regional Council illustrate this.  In Auckland, the worry is reversed.
If you want changes of some sort, can you suggest new wording? 
What do you think good local government would look like in the Wellington region?
It’s not so much a new structure that is needed, though that could come later.  What is needed is for the Wellington region to have the guts to face the changes implied by climate change and the destructiveness of the growing gap between rich and poor and the march toward war.  This is a broad topic but relates to the inability of the councils to cooperate today.  Once the attitude is changed then brand new ‘eyes’ and ‘minds’ might be able to envision a more appropriate new structure (or not).



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