Festering ill-will long term from spying

24  March, 2015

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

Failing to mention the long term effects of GCSB spying on South Pacific Island governments for political and commercial advantage (both Todd Blake and C Brian Smith, 19 March) displays a lack of respect for the needs of the future.  Island elected officials may not complain openly now but it will fester and emerge in later years.

It’s not like the GCSB doesn’t understand the negative possibilities; it’s just that they are focused on the perceived current need for advantage, first for the USA National Security Agency (NSA) for which the GCSB was set up to serve, and also for certain New Zealand moneyed interests.

The attitudes of Mr Blake and Mr Smith may be uncomfortably shared by many in NZ these days.  But are they willing to accept the burden on the poorer and middle classes (of which they may be a part) which these moneyed interests insist be imposed along with the burden on island communities?  If so, why?   This brings up the question of our time, what in the larger historical context is being threatened which they and others insist be saved apparently at their own expense?


Richard Keller

published 2 April, 2015


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